Lockdown Update – July

Due to current restrictions, we are still unable to run workshops in person. We are continuing to offer a range of workshops outside or online via Zoom.

All of our classes are LIVE and not prerecorded. If you would like to join in with us, book your place(s) on our workshops vis the Classes & Workshops page.

Performing Arts Academy

A fun inclusive independent performing arts school
for children aged 6 - 16 based in Tenterden.
Probably the best performing arts school in Tenterden! Why not contact us for a free trial and judge for yourself?

The Academy Performing Arts


Our dance tutors have years of experience teaching various dance styles to children and adults alike.

The Academy Performing Arts


Singing is a great way to release stress, ease anxiety and build self confidence. Tutors at The Academy Performing Arts are experienced in teaching breathing techniques to help you make the most of the voice you have.

The Academy Performing Arts


Becoming a different person and exploring character, The drama tutors will help explore the depths of each one and help improve confidence and performance skills.

The Academy Performing Arts

Youth Theatre
Coming Soon

The youth theatre is for like-minded children and young adults to learn and explore their love of drama.
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